Dec 2003

Dear Su Min,

Like your sister before you, we wrote her a special letter for this journey of life that you are about to embark on, leaving home the first time to begin life as a student overseas. Congratulations for being consistent in your academic performance and we have always known of the hard work that you put in for your studies. You have indeed been an all rounder as you have made great strides in the sports of gymnastics, winning yourself the title of sports person of the year in the final years of your school life. You have been endowed with a beautiful and a strong healthy physical body and this is indeed a great blessing. Equal to that gift is that of a strong mind and will power which you have portrayed in your life.

Also in your musical talents you have excelled with many solid years of piano training that will serve you well and those around you who can enjoy your entertainment. Do continue developing your singing talent through the many opportunities in church or perhaps in your further education. Sports and Music are are great soothers for the mind, giving it focus as well as relaxation, which in these latter-days have become somewhat lacking for many people . They either find themselves in depressed or stressed-up situations or having no direction or motivation in life. You could perhaps be a catalyst for them through your example and coaching skills that you may further develop.

Our family is grateful for your example of faithfulness in the gospel, having a strong testimony of our Savior and his restored Church today. Of all the gifts and talents that you may have been endowed with, the testimony of the living Christ is probably the most precious you could ever have. Many more years of spiritual experiences and life's challenges will lie ahead of you. You are like a well-built ship ready to head out to the seven seas. Yes it is time for you to make your maiden voyage and sad as we are to miss you, we know it is time for you to live your potential. As the saying goes, ships are safe in the harbor but that was not what they were built for.

Know that we are very proud of you and will always love you very much. May God continue to bless you and look after you are our sincere prayers at this exciting moment in your life!

Your Mom and Dad.

See how you've grown!